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With a SoundHound alternative sitting in your handset or tablet, you’ll be able to know exactly what song is blaring from the speakers at your local bar or a friend’s pool party. No longer will you have to torture your gray matter to recollect the name of a track whose lyrics are stuck in your head all day. You won’t even need to pester your best pal or siblings for more information about the tune by trying to sing or hum a bit of it to them.

Now even if you might think you have the title of the song or name of the artist or band at the tip of your tongue, you can blurt it out with confidence after confiding in your favorite song recognition app. You don’t have one as yet? Well, take your pick from our list of comprehensive choices.

1 – Shazam:

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This music identification service seamlessly recognizes the track that’s playing in the background. All you have to do is hit the dedicated Shazam button and more details of the song will appear on your screen within seconds. Once the service tags something, you’ll be bombarded with a plethora of choices. Some of these options include watching the video on YouTube, purchasing the track from iTunes and sharing the tag with other Shazam friends.

You can also scan through the artist or band’s discography, tour information, album reviews, and biographies as well as sing along with the lyrics that pop up onscreen when you opt for the LyricPlay option. You’ll find Shazam dressed in a trio of guises namely a free-to-try one, Encore and Red, both of which come tagged at just under $7. All these versions are available for iOS, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

2 – MusicID with Lyrics:

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This next entrant in our apps like SoundHound roster lets you get hold of various information bits pertaining to the song that’s echoing from a nearby PC speaker or radio set. Once the app identifies the track, it will display different options like reading artist biographies, look up lyrics and download songs. You’ll also be able to buy the track via iTunes, watch the video on YouTube and even discover new music from the Similar Songs section. You can even scout the terrain for songs by searching through Artist Name, Title or Lyric Phrase. The service further allows you to listen to song previews and geo-tag identified tracks. Now besides just being available for iOS and Android-device users priced at just under a dollar, this handy software can also be acquired on more than 60 AT&T handsets. Finally, AT&T and Virgin Mobile subscribers can get similar results by dialing #43 on their mobile phones.

3 – TuneUp Mobile:

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With just a simple click of a dedicated button located on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet, this interesting app will automatically and accurately identify the song is heard. Not only does it recognize the track, but it also lets you buy the track from iTunes, get lyrics to the same and even share the funky song with friends and family over Twitter and Facebook. Audiophiles just like you can pamper yourselves with a ‘virtual treasure chest of music-related goodness,’ as revealed by the developer. What’s more, it’s also infused with a Diagnostic tool that has the ability to analyze the tracks that have missing album artwork, mislabeled information or simply double. And the cheery on top here seems to be its $0 price tag.

4 – SoundTracking:

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Here’s another free treat in our programs similar to SoundHound array that has the ability to recognize just about any song it’s made to listen to. It proffers unlimited and fast song identification and tagging abilities so you don’t have to have a perplexed look on your face whenever you can’t recollect the name of a particular song.

Besides this nifty little aspect, it also forays onto the scene with other attributes such as instant music sharing to Twitter and Facebook, dedicate songs to pals, follow other music fans and check out trending tracks in your neighborhood. You can download this software from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

5 – musiXmatch lyrics player:

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Whether the song is blaring out from your television set, radio or speakers at your local club, you’ll be able to zero in on not only the artist’s name and track title but also lyrics to the same. This way you can show off your vocal skills without facing the embarrassment of forgetting the lyrics. The program will further help you find a particular song even if you punch in a few words of what you remember. The application is free to acquire from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

6 – TrackID:

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‘What am I listening to?’ Well, simply push the dedicated large button on your mobile screen to find out. After a few seconds, you’ll be treated to the name of the song as well as the respective band or artist. You are also prompted to opt from other choices like Share, Download and Search on YouTube. You can even gather more information like popular tracks, albums and more via the Artist Info section. This contender in our apps like SoundHound roundup emerges from the house of Sony and is also made available for Android gadgets absolutely free of cost.


The application in question here has the ability to recognize a piece of music through various means. You could hum out the tune, sing a snippet or even place your handset or slab towards the boom source to correctly identify the desired track. This service was extended towards tech enthusiasts wielding an iOS, Android, Windows Mobile device. The intuitive software certainly came in handy not only to identify a song but also to acquire lyrics to the same while the track is blaring from the speaker.

Similarly, all of the aforesaid portable programs fitted into our SoundHound alternatives sport similar attributes and then some. And if you thought the app in the spotlight was the only one of its ilk, well you now know that the virtual terrain is packed with some more choices. So which one will you opt for?