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5 SoundCloud Alternatives

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An apt SoundCloud alternatives help you tune into new music within minutes. There’s a plethora of brilliant talent strewn all across the four corners of the globe, simply waiting to be discovered by music enthusiasts just like you. Now the service in question isn’t the only portal that proffers this sort of entertainment. The web is filled with quite a few names that allow you to check out new bands, artists and songs from all around the world. What’s more, with these options by your side, you can also share your tunes with loved ones as well as random audiophiles. Here’s a list of the acme lot out there.

1 – Mixcloud:

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Mixcloud is your one-stop-shop for listening to enthusiastic DJs, podcasters and radio presenters. Here you can find popular Cloudcasts, create playlists, enjoy recommendations, follow individuals and search for particular audio bits. And if you happen to fall within any of the aforementioned categories, you’ll be provided with the best tools for connecting with the audience at large. There are different music categories you can opt from namely classical, drum and bass, EDM, funk/soul, dubstep/bass, reggae dancehall, jazz, pop, indie, trance, rock, urban, techno, house, electronic, clubs, ambient and music festivals.

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Furthermore, you’ll be able to choose from various talk sections like education, news, lifestyle, science, culture, and technology. You’ll also find dedicated iOS and Android applications for tapping into this virtual treasure chest while on the go. You can pick them up for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

2 – Bandcamp:

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Are you an audio artist who’s looking to share blazing tunes with those who appreciate such sweet noise? Well, when you hop onto this particular entrant in our sites like SoundCloud roster you’ll be presented with a platform and tools to do just that and then some. You can also sell your digital music and physical merchandise via this space. As the developer of Bandcamp reveals, it’s fitted with a rich stats system that shows you who all are linking to you, what’s being downloaded and where your music is embedded.

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The various categories lined up here include alternative, rock, electronic, hip hop/rap, metal, folk, pop, punk, acoustic, experimental, soundtrack, world, spoken word, Latin, devotional, comedy, classical and kids. And if you’re a listener, you can also choose from options such as staff picks, best-selling, artist-recommended and new arrivals. There are separate pages for fans and artists so depending on what niche you fall in, you can proceed accordingly.

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3 – House-Mixes:

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Tired of grooving to the same old mixes you’ve compiled? Well, it’s time to put a fresh spin on things by exploiting more than 280,000 free DJ mixes that are currently swimming across House-Mixes. What’s more, if you like playing DJ and have a few foot-tapping mixes of your own, you can create a free profile page and directly upload any amount of amalgamation sets without even paying a single penny. Here too you can choose from different sections like house mix, techno, progressive trance, breakbeat, funky house, old skool, commercial dance, rave, hardcore and more. You can even indulge in all sorts of tracks that come in flavors like house, soulful house, chillout, and jungle tracks. And as the brains behind House-Mixes reveal, you won’t have to adhere to any particular mix length or file size limits during your stay here.

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4 – NoiseTrade:

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The makers of this interesting inclusion in our services similar to SoundCloud array believe that ‘great music is its own best marketing tool.’ With a little help from NoiseTrade, you can reach out to fans and maybe even grab the attention of recording labels. NoiseTrade provides handy tools for authors, artists, bands, and comedians to strut their stuff on the virtual plane. Artists can instantly upload live recordings, a single track or an entire album for free. And you can be sure your tracks will be heard as there are loads of audiophiles thronging to the portal each day, hungry for new tunes. They too can download the songs they like absolutely free of cost. This medium further encourages healthy artist-fan interaction. And finally, you’ll be able to see daily statistics for your song or album’s downloads. There’s even a new heat map you can avail of which displays your top markets.

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5 – Mixcrate:

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The final contender in our sites like SoundCloud roundup is another great option DJs and music enthusiasts can turn to when they want to put their funky mixes out there. And by doing so, they can grab the attention of not only music lovers but also club promoters, event organizers and radio stations. Mixcrate has launched around four years ago also boasts of including a Tracklisting feature for purchasing artist and label material. What’s more, the groovy mixes are splashed across different categories such as jazz, hip hop, remix, rock, progressive house, new jack swing, freestyle, dancehall, soul, techno, Latin, downtempo, alternative, old school, and reggae.

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‘Be heard everywhere,’ is the tagline employed by the Germany-based online audio distribution platform shining in the spotlight here. And that’s precisely what you bargain for when you take complete advantage of the aforesaid options in our SoundCloud alternatives compilation. Not only can you broadcast and share your unique tunes with a wide audience, you can also listen into tracks and audio bits belted out by other talented people out there. The different sites listed here help you discover new songs without you even having to leave the comfort of your cozy seat. So which ones will you rely on when you want to hear the tunes of the world or even gather a few hundred international fans?

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