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Sony to bring PS4 Remote Play streaming to PC and Mac

An unofficial app can currently be bought by PS4 owners in order to enjoy their games on their PCs via Remote Play, but that isn’t stopping Sony from developing this functionality on its own. Within just about a day after the revelation of this unofficial app, the Japanese company has conveyed that it’s indeed creating its own official version for PC.

That will bring the PS4 on par with the Xbox One which recently got the ability to stream its games onto Windows 10 machines. In fact, Sony’s console will be going a step further by offering support for Apple’s Mac devices as well.

For those unaware, Remote Play is a trait that lets you easily switch from playing any PS4 game on your TV sets to your PS Vita or Sony Xperia devices. This is done via high-end streaming technology, and helps those who wish to use their TV screens for other purposes and also those who don’t want to carry around their PS4s all the time.

PS4 Remote Play

However awesome this idea may sound, the current streaming devices have small displays and PS4 owners would love for their games to be streamed on their laptops or desktops. The upcoming Remote Play feature will allow them to do just that, as revealed by a tweet posted by Sony president Shuhei Yoshida.

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A developer who goes by the name ‘twisted’ has jumped the gun and has already created an unofficial Remote Play PC application. It basically tricks the PS4 into believing that the PC is a Remote Play device. It will be released soon in exchange of $10, but we have reason to believe that Sony might be quick to take it down.

Let us now wait and watch when the PS4 is blessed with the official version of the Remote Play functionality for PC and Mac devices.