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Sony Sountina Speakers to Go on Sale in June at $9,600

Sony Sountina Speaker Sony has launched a new transparent tube speaker called Sountina. The speaker is 3.3-foot high and it is capable of spreading high-quality, natural-sounding audio 360 degrees around itself.

This tube-shaped speaker is slightly thicker than a baseball bat. The LED located at the bottom of the speaker emits blue, amber, pink and purple light and they reflect in the stainless steel at the top of the tube.

Sony’s Senior Manager Noriyasu Kawaguchi said that the Sountina speaker is not made for those who prefer more blast and heavier bass. Kawaguchi acknowledged this by saying ”Maybe it doesn’t work in the way some American consumers are expecting their speakers to work.”

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Rather it is especially designed for the sophisticated consumers including businesses looking for a speaker that blends into an interior.

The Sountina speakers are especially suitable for hotel lobbies, wedding halls and other large spaces. This speaker is a combination of sound and fountain. And it will go on sale in the US on June 20 at $9,600.

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