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Sony Smart Wireless Headset pro US price and availability details revealed

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Audiophiles can now groove to all their favorite tunes via the Sony Smart Wireless Headset pro. According to the company, this multifunctional Bluetooth stereo audio solution allows potential owners to receive text, social media, email and calendar alerts directly via the portable device. And besides hoarding other interesting attributes, this latest gadget on the market can even be used as a standalone MP3 player and FM radio.

Tech enthusiasts can expect to be bombarded with clear sound and call clarity as well as smart text-to-speech technology. The latter has the ability to read out not only text messages, but emails as well. The tangle-free headset in question comes complete with 6mm speaker drivers. Users can even take advantage of basic audio and call features when paired with any device that supports Bluetooth 2.0 capability.

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When music enthusiasts pair the Smart Wireless headset with an Android smartphone, they’ll be able to tap into a whole host of extra capabilities. This means that handset owners can call directly via the device’s recent call list and even avail of the text-to-speech functionality. Sony further reveals that the audio gadget hits the scene with a 2GB microSD memory card. And entertainment buffs who aren’t satisfied with just this minimal amount, can upgrade it by employing a 32GB card for storing more content to listen to while on the go.

The Sony Smart Wireless Headset pro price and availability details for the US have been disclosed by the company. The audio device is drenched in a neat black hue and can be picked up for $149.99 from the company’s official website and at Sony stores. The device forays onto the scenario complete with a micro-USB charger, a USB cable, 4 different earbud sizes, user guides and a warranty leaflet.