Sony S-AIR PLAY Music System, iPod Dock Announced

Sony S-AIR PLAY Music System

Sony has announced its new S-AIR PLAY Music System also known as AIR-SA20PK. The latest music system is especially designed for iPods, however it is also compatible with other entertainment devices.

The new wireless multi-room audio system from Sony includes wireless speakers that work seamlessly without causing interference with other household devices. Moreover, the speakers feature 164-feet of wireless range, which is sufficient enough to fill a house with music.

The S-AIR PLAY system is bundled with two wireless speakers. Besides one docking station, the system features an AM/ FM tuner. What is interesting about the S-AIR PLAY Music System is it allows users to listen to iPod in one room and radio in another using the same system. Furthermore, the S-AIR PLAY Music System is compatible with home theatre system or TV with A/V outputs.

The Sony S-AIR PLAY music system is expected to go on sale in September 2008 price at $400. Users can purchase an additional speaker for $130.

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