Sony PSP, Most Popular Console in Japan

Sony PSP

We all know that Nintendo Wii is one of the most popular console all over the world, especially in Japan. For past several months Wii is outselling other consoles. However the latest ratings indicate that Sony PSP is outselling Wii in Japan. Though it is not a fair comparison, but it seems the Wii has failed to maintain its first place.

According to Market research firm Media Create, in the week that ended on June 29th, as many as 58,861 units of PSP were sold. While, Nintendo DS is at the second place with the sale of 48,884 units. And Nintendo Wii could sell 48,480 units in the same duration.

Though Wii is behind PSP, but it is yet leading in the home consoles category as Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS2 and PS3 are at the back seat. PlayStation 3 could manage to sell 17,973 units. While PS2 and Xbox 360 sold 7,673 and 5,104 units respectively.

Wii was always considered to be the most popular console in Japan. But the sales figure of Sony PSP is indicating that there is no more monopoly of Nintendo in Japan.

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