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Sony PSP 2 to arrive just before Christmas?

Sony and PSP Logos The rumor-mill springs out its latest one, this time it’s the successor to Sony’s renowned handheld console PSP to hit the shelves just before Christmas, according to reports by Kotaku.

Amidst all the speculations of a PSP 2 or an all new PSP-4000, we’d really prefer an official announcement from Sony. Well, whatever be it, the arrival of the device just before Christmas makes a great gift for your loved ones.

These rumors talk about the same old features that were rumored sometime back like a sliding screen (which reveals game controls) and touchscreen capabilities, says the reports.

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Well, this is not all it is also said to reveal other bits such as a release window and on sliding the controls from under the screen it reveals a D-pad, face buttons and two thumbsticks.

Well, we hope to get the full specs and pricing at E3 in June.

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