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Sony PS4 announced, coming in holiday 2013

Sony PS4

The Sony PS4 has been officially revealed at the company’s big PlayStation event in New York and the new console is set for a release sometime in holiday 2013. Developers are already lining up to build games for the new hardware, including Halo creator Bungie, the studio that recently revealed its next FPS, Destiny.

Images of the new PS4 console haven’t been revealed, but it is based on architecture similar to PCs. This means it will be easier for developers to build games for the platform. It will have an x86 CPU as well as a GPU with ‘remarkable long-term potential.’ 8GB of GDDR5 memory has been added to make this possible.

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And at the event, Sony has even come out and revealed the next-gen controller, the DualShock 4. Like the image we saw leaked recently, possibly of an early build, it will have a track (or touch) pad as well as a ‘light bar’ to identify players. This light bar is meant for a stereo camera to be able to track the controller’s 3D position. The speculated share button has been confirmed and an unidentified port, it turns out, is a headphone jack. It will also have ‘enhanced rumble capabilities,’ but we are still left in the cold about that centrally-located speaker we saw.

The console itself is being positioned in a very social manner and it is to be integrated with players’ social networks. Allowing gaming on a secondary screen, it will be compatible with the PlayStation Vita, and possibly phones and tablets as well via mobile apps that will give users access to their content on the go. We understand Facebook and Ustream will be integrated into the console for videos and other content to be shared with less hassle.

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The long-term goal, the company says, is to have every title playable on the Vita. This implies that some games could be released initially for the new console without support for cross play. And, as it did with the PS3, the company is positioning the new device as an entertainment hub beyond simply the gaming scene. It will have Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vudu, Music Unlimited, Amazon Instant and several others.

Coming to the question on everyone’s mind, ‘will it have backwards compatibility?’ Unfortunately, it seems like there won’t be said compatibility. PS3 games won’t be ‘natively supported’ on the new system, but the Japanese company isn’t ruling out the possibility in the future. And there will also be cloud services, which are to be rolled out in phases, so there’s nothing concrete on that at the moment.

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Downloading games from the PSN will also be more streamlined. Instead of waiting until the entire package is complete in order to begin playing, a small portion of a title will be downloaded at first and gamers will be able to start playing, while the rest of it (which can go into the tens of gigabytes, we understand) is being received.

That was just a sampling of the colossal Sony PS4 event, and even though we haven’t been given a peek at the new hardware, we have received some sort of confirmation on the controller. In the coming weeks and months we expect to hear a lot about the games being developed for the new PlayStation console, like Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs and Blizzard’s Diablo III (yes, it will be available for both the new system as well as the PS3).

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