Sony India launches Colorful VAIO CR Collection of Notebooks

Sony Vaio CR Notebooks Delhi launch

Sony India has launched a new range of ultra-hip and colorful notebooks, creating a new and modern VAIO collection called the CR series. In fact, Sony took style cues from the fashion world’s color palette to create this new line, and thus, it’s no wonder that the company has come out with these über-cool looking laptops that are sure to suit every taste and style.

Unveiling these chic and trendy laptops was Mr. Masaru Tamagawa, Managing Director, Sony India and MTV VJ Nikhil Chinnapa who were present at the launch in Delhi.

The all new VAIO CR series of laptops have a great youthfully fashionable design. These notebooks feature a lustrous coating, framed with a smooth rounded silver, luminous trimming.

Besides, the new VAIO CR notebooks also sports illuminated LED lighting. But, apart from being stylish, the design of the laptops is robust enough to protect the keyboard and the LCD inside.

The new and stylish Sony VAIO CR range of notebooks comes in five awesome colors:

  • Blazing Red- This model has a black interior and according to Sony, has been designed for those who want people to look twice. If you ask me, the combination of red and black looks extremely stylish.
  • Indigo Blue- This notebook has a very trendy color and comes right in time to match this season’s favorite runway color.
  • Pure White- This model offers a modern take on the classic look.
  • Beauty Pink- This notebook features mixed shaded of pink, making it look really cute and is bound to be a hit with the girls.
  • Aroma Black- This one has a sophisticated look.
  • According to Masaru Tamagawa, Managing Director, Sony India, “Just like the car you drive, notebooks today are an extension of your personality. As such, users expect their notebooks to reflect their creativity and individuality, as well as handle their other multi-tasking computer functions.”

    So, not only do the new Sony VAIO CR notebooks reflect on one’s personal and unique style, but they also offer great features. The CR series contains the perfect multimedia notebook. Read on to find out more about what it has to offer.

    Sony VAIO CR Series of Notebooks

    The Sony VAIO CR series of notebooks have a 14.1-inch, 1280×800 ClearBright LCD Lite screen, making them perfect for viewing movies and pictures. This notebook also features a high resolution web cam.

    Then there’s the all new AV mode button that enables one to reach directly to stored music. One can even play DVDs with the single click of a button.

    What’s more; users of the VAIO CR series of notebooks need not wait for Windows to power up to access their files. Users will be able to play music or share photos without having to wait for Windows to power up as the AV mode has been embedded into the notebooks.

    The Sony VAIO CR notebooks come loaded with a suite of multimedia tools that enables the easy backup of data, photos, videos, and music. Some of the software includes DVgatePlus and Click to DVD for creating customized DVDs.

    Besides its appealing look and great features, the VAIO CR series of notebooks also has a great interior that allows the laptop to run smoothly.

    The Sony VAIO CR runs on an Intel Core Duo processor. It also comes pre-installed with genuine Windows Vista operating system.

    The Aroma Black model (VGN-CR14GH/B) comes for a price of Rs.64,990, while another black model (VGN-CR12GH/B) costs Rs.54,990.

    The Sony Vaio CR notebooks in Beauty Pink, Indigo Blue, Pure White and Blazing Red also carry a price tag of Rs.54,990.

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