Sony HT-IS100 Home Theater System announced in Japan

Sony HT-IS100 System

Sony has announced the launch of its HT-IS100 Home Theater System in Japan. The system includes five golf ball-sized speakers. The cube-shaped speakers measure just 1.7 inches on each side.

Apart from five tiny speakers, the HT-IS100 system also includes 440 millimeters (17 inches) tall box for the amplifier and subwoofer. Besides, the system features 5.1-channel, three-HDMI input.

Moreover, users can also connect the system to TVs, Blu-ray disc recorders and even to the gaming consoles. That means users can enjoy gaming sessions through the new HT-IS100 system.

The HT-IS100 system will go on sale in Japan in July at the price of 90,000 yen. The system is also expected to hit the North American and European markets. However, no pricing details and availability information regarding it is revealed.