Sony Felica-enabled phones and Kasazu coupon: Ordering food gets better than ever

Sony Felica-enabled phones

Home delivery and fast delivery have made us greater couch potatoes, and to add in a little more weight to that title, we will be able to not only order food from home but make payments directly using the mobile utilizing the Sony Felica-enabled phones and Kasazu coupon.

Ordering from McDonald’s gets much more convenient with the addition of making payments for that fattening burger directly using the mobile phone. McDonald’s plans on introducing this latest concept in Japan by testing it in 175 stores and if it succeeds, they plan on releasing it over to 3,800 outlets in Japan.

Sony Felica-enabled phones will be able to gain out of this latest innovation and the Kasazu coupon can be downloaded to the consumer’s phone from the retail outlets directly. This device will also provide a gateway to McDonald’s to offer their special offers and campaigns to treat their customers with their yummy burgers.