Sony Ericsson Z770 Ducati phone goes Vroom

Sony Ericsson Z770 Ducati phone To get the Adrenaline rush gushing to you all the time, here comes the Sony Ericsson Z770 Ducati phone in a stylish design sporting a Ducati motorcycle’s stamp on it. The phone will be unleashed in Italy by TIM this June.

If you dreamt of the Ducati bike for long and could not afford it, then probably the luxury phone can pacify you and let you enjoy this carefully crafted design. The phone packs in Ducati branded covers, themes, screensavers, videos and also packs up its own HBH DS-220 based Ducati Bluetooth headset.

The phone is proud of it 3G data transfer capabilities and clicks with its 2MP camera. The phone provides a clear display with its 2.2-inch screen teamed with glossy buttons that match the same. The phone claims to be sturdy with its rough and edgy look that supports tri-band (900/1800/1900Mhz) GSM and faster speeds with its UMTS/HSDPA connection. The phone’s pricing hasn’t been mentioned and is expected to be released at the launch of the phone.