Sony Ericsson announces MD300 Mobile Broadband USB Modem

Sony Ericsson MD300 Mobile Broadband USB Modem Sony Ericsson has announced the MD300 mobile broadband USB modem that allows the user to connect their computer to HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE or GPRS networks.

According to Johan Tysklind, Marketing Director Mobile Computing at Sony Ericsson, “The MD300 is the first offering in our forthcoming portfolio of mobile broadband products that will combine Sony Ericsson’s dependability with a stylish form factor.”

The Sony Ericsson MD300 USB modem is as compact and user-friendly as a USB memory stick. In fact, it can plug into any standard USB port.

It comes pre-installed with everything one would need to go online, including the PC software. With Microsoft Windows software and drivers built in, the card installs and configures itself when plugged in, and voila! you will be connected in a matter of seconds. For those who use Mac, special Mac drivers will be available for download.

The Sony Ericsson MD300 USB modem has a simple and intuitive Wireless Manager interface which is very user-friendly.

So if you are traveling with your laptop, this would be a good option. But, it also works well on desktops.

The MD300 Mobile Broadband USB Modem will be available in luxury black and metallic silver in certain markets worldwide from Q1 2008. Stay tuned till then.