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Sony eBook Store offers free public domain books from Google

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Sony blows open content for its Reader Digital Book. The company announced yesterday that its eBookStore will now provide access to more than half a million public domain books from Google. All the public domain books have been optimized for present models of the Reader.

Sony’s new service is enabled for the PRS-505 or the PRS-700 Reader. At the simple click of a button, users can transfer books from Google to their device. Sony’s eBook Store now boasts of a button on the front page that leads to the Google library.

The process is even more simplified and seamless for owners of the Reader who also have an account at the store. Users who are new to the store will first need to set up an account following which they can download Sony’s free eBook Library software. The software will then give users access to the free public domain books from Google.

“We have focused our efforts on offering an open platform and making it easy to find as much content as possible – from our store or others – whether that content is purchased, borrowed or free,” commented Steve Haber, president of the Digital Reading Business Division at Sony Electronics. “Working with Google, we can offer book lovers another avenue for free books while still providing a seamless experience from our store.”

Adam Smith, product management director further mentioned, “We founded Google Book Search on the premise that anyone, anywhere, anytime should have the tools to explore the great works of history and culture — and not just when they happen to be at a computer. We believe in an open platform for accessing and reading books, and we’re excited to partner with Sony to help bring these public domain books to more people.”

Initially users will get access to more than half-million public domain books from Google. The incorporation has enhanced the available titles from the eBook Store to over 600,000. Google’s offerings include a wide list of traditional favorites like “The Awakening,” “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” and “Black Beauty”. Users can take advantage of the list to search for a number of nearly inaccessible items.

Bundled with a number of titles in French, German, Italian, Spanish and other languages, there is also lots in store for literature lovers who can find and read classics like The Letters of Jane Austen, “Sense and Sensibility” and “Emma.” Users are offered refined searching options. They can either search the entire text of the collection or choose to browse by subject, author or featured titles.

Users can transfer public domain books from Google to their Reader now for free. The service is available at the Sony eBook Store.