Sony DAV-IS10 Micro Home Theatre System launched in India

Sony DAV-IS10 Micro Home Theatre System

Sony India has launched its DAV-IS10 micro home theatre system, which delivers big sound in a small package. This system is meant for people who prefer their home theatres to be heard but not seen!

The Sony DAV-IS10 is a 5.1 channel home theatre system. It includes five tiny speakers and a sub-woofer. This system also has a DVD/CD player that offers 550 watts of power, delivering a superb home entertainment experience.

In spite of its small size, the Sony DAV-IS10 system packs in great connectivity and expansion capabilities. For starters, this system incorporates Sony’s Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (D.C.A.C), which provides a balanced sound.

Yet another connectivity feature of the DAV-IS10 system is the BRAVIA Theatre Sync-compatible (HDMI-CEC) technology, which uses HDMI to connect compatible TVs to the home theatre system. Thus, you need just one remote!

Besides, the DAV-IS10 home theatre’s DVD player can also upscale DVDs to 720p to 1080i resolutions when connected with an HDMI cable to an HDTV.

The Sony DAV-IS10 micro home theatre system has a very sleek and stylish look, and is based on an easy-to-use mechanism. Located at the center of the system is a gloss-black control center, which houses the DVD/CD/MP3 player and an FM/AM radio tuner.

What’s more; the DVD/CD unit also features touch-sensitive controls that illuminate and disappear on touch. So, you can navigate your DVDs and CDs without the need to use the included universal remote control.

The Sony DAV-IS10 micro home theatre system will be available for a price of Rs.39,990 at select Sony stores.