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Sony Bravia W4000-Series LCD TV introduced in Europe

Bravia W4000-Series LCD TV Sony has introduced the new Bravia W4000-Series LCD TV in the European market. It offers 1080p Full HD visual excellence hence ideal for movies, games and photos too.

The TV incorporates Picture Frame Mode, which switches the set to a reduced brightness and displays digital photos in HD quality, with the natural warm characteristics of traditional film. Users can further personalize the TV with their own pictures from the USB Photoviewer or use the six pre-installed pictures.

Moreover Sony claims that Picture Frame Mode consumes approximately 35 per cent lesser power than TV viewing mode.

“The BRAVIA W4000-Series starts from a position of great strength,” said George Damigos, General Manager for TVOE Marketing. “Its combination of advanced picture technologies delivers a new standard of excellence which it deploys to maximum effect. And you quite literally see this, whether you are being blown away by Full HD resolution films or immersed in HD gaming, or quietly appreciating the richness and detail of a still image in Picture Frame Mode.”

Besides, the Bravia W4000-Series LCD TV features:

  • Sony XMB interface
  • Bravia Sync technology
  • HDMI connections
  • Bravia Engine 2
  • A 10-bit LCD panel
  • 1080p Full HD
  • 24fps support
  • AVC-HD tuner with DVB-T digital tuner
  • Pricing and availability information of the new Bravia W4000-Series LCD TV has not been disclosed as of now.