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SONY and FON team up to offer free WiFi for PSP players

Japan’s Sony Computer Entertainment and FON, the global WiFi community have announced their tie-up to provide free WiFi services to the Sony PSP players. Players can now download game demos, clips wallpapers, etc in the PSPs via the PSP FON service.

Sony and FON The collaboration is introducing free internet browser via FON access points for PSPs. The service has already started in Japan where there are 44,000 FON spots all over the country out of which 2,200 are available in Tokyo alone.

Apparently, the service will also bring along cool downloads like custom theme for upcoming Dissida, Square-Enix’s RPG.

FON is a wireless network which is supposedly the largest WiFi community in the whole world. People who share FON’s WiFi access points are called ‘Foneros’. Al that the users need to do is own a FON’s WiFi router – La Fonera for the connection which they can share it with others in their homes and neighborhoods, around the world for free.

As of now FON’s service for PSP is available only in Japan and there has been no announcement by Sony and FON on the extension of service to PSP players worldwide.