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Sonic Mania Plus gets a release date finally

Sonic Mania

Last year’s nostalgic Sonic Mania will be getting its Plus avatar on July 17, Sega has announced. This game will essentially act as a DLC for owners of the aforementioned game, but will also be sold separately in the form of digital and physical copies.

Meant for the PS4, the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch as well as PC, Sonic Mania Plus will be a refined, expanded and diverse reworking of last year’s game. Firstly, it will add two new characters into the mix in the form of Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel.

Sega will also introduce a fresh new mode into the game. Dubbed Encore, this mode will present gamers with additional challenges, layouts and visual changes. Sonic Mania Plus will moreover, also grab revamped versions of the original game’s Competition and Time Attack modes.

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In Competition, the player limit for split-screen racing will be expanded from two to four, while Time Attack will see ghost challenges added for time trials. This makes it quite an attractive offering, even for those who have played the original game.

Sonic Mania was developed by its makers as a tribute to Sonic games from the Sega Genesis era. It hence features rapid side-scrolling gameplay and retro game graphics. The game kicks in a total of twelve different stages, eight among which are redesigned versions of past stages.

Those who own the original Sonic Mania will be able to purchase this version as a DLC at $4.99. As for those who want to buy the Plus version as a standalone title, the game will cost $29.99.