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‘SongCatcher’- a Service for Instant Music Downloads for Hello Tunes! introduced by Airtel

Airtel Logo On November 17, Bharti Airtel, India’s leading mobile services provider announced the launch of ‘Airtel SongCatcher’, which is a service that claims to provide instant music on mobile for the first time in India.

So many times you may have heard a song that is so catchy to the ears, but neither do you know the title, nor the artist or even the album, and to top it all you wish to have the song. Imagine this scenario, but with a big difference.

Anytime, anywhere an Airtel Mobile customer listen to a song and perhaps would like it as a Hello Tune, he can now download it in a matter of seconds with the help of Airtel’s latest service- Airtel SongCatcher.

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All one has to do to download songs for Airtel Hello Tunes is dial a number on their mobile and hold the phone so that the microphone catches the song. Within half a minute, the software will trace the song and download it on your mobile device.

The Music Recognition technology that enables this quick and easy access to music is based on an algorithm that is capable of identifying patterns in music by matching voice frequencies. The ‘DNA’ of the song is matched with the 25,000 song download available on Airtel Hello Tune! This Airtel Hello Tunes download service is so accurate that it can distinguish between the music and the chatter of a Radio Jockey, reporter or DJ.

The partner providing Music Recognition Technology to Airtel is SK & CC of South Korea. SK & CC is an innovator of cutting edge mobile applications and B2B solutions.

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The Airtel Hello Tunes song download process is a simple three-step procedure. Airtel users have to dial 393 on hearing a song that they wish to possess, after which they have to hold the mobile phone near the speaker of the T.V, laptop, music system, car stereo or movie screen.

The voice recognition software matches with the songs that are available on the Airtel Hello Tunes database. Within a matter of 30 seconds you will receive an SMS confirming song download details (movie and singer). Once accepted, the song is downloaded as a Airtel Hello Tune.

In case the song requested is unavailable or if there is a significant disturbance when the mobile phone was capturing the request, then a regret message is sent to the user immediately.

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Gopal Vittal, director, marketing and communications, Bharti Airtel Ltd, said, “Music consumption, especially on mobiles, is impulse based. Research shows us that our customers don’t just want more music, but want it to be more accessible and in the least possible time. ‘SongCatcher’ caters to that intuitive music need. Instant Music Downloads for Hello Tunes will dramatically change the dynamics of music purchase on mobile. For a nation of music lovers, the simplicity and ease of this service is a big boon.”

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