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Some New Tesla Cars Delivered With Missing USB Ports

tesla logo Tesla has reportedly been shipping out some of its cars without USB ports, media reports say.

Several new Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys have been delivered in the last few days with missing USB ports, often without any warning before the owners get their new cars home and notice that the car’s phone charger is not working.

According to the auto-tech website Electrek, the automaker blames the missing parts on the global chip shortage.

Most affected cars seem to be missing the USB-C ports along the back wall of the center console, though at least one claims that the rear-seat USB ports are missing.

For new owners with missing centre console USB ports, wireless charging also seems to be inactive, the report said.

Reports of missing USB ports seem to have started with cars delivered on November 11. Other owners with recent deliveries have chimed in to say that they do have USB ports.

The global chip shortage has been affecting the auto industry for the better part of a year now, though Tesla has avoided the worst of it.

Some automakers have started delivering cars without certain parts installed, including Tesla, which removed passenger lumbar support adjustment from new Model 3 and Y vehicles.

BMW has had the same lumbar support issue, and is also removing touchscreens from new vehicles, but is giving a $175 and $500 credit, respectively.