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Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard BSKBW01SB from Buffalo

Buffalo Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard

While we see an endless amount of products which claim to be environment friendly, here’s adding one more gadget to the list. Buffalo introduces its latest wireless keyboard which is fuelled by the natural form of energy which is solar power.

Wireless keyboards which traditionally use batteries to power them up seem to run out of battery very quickly if used regularly. To provide the optimum efficiency and support the environment steps in the Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard. Buffalo provides its keyboard a model name BSKBW01SB which charges itself with its solar panel placed above the number pad.

The Buffalo BSKBW01SB keyboard looks like any other normal wireless keyboard except for the adjustable solar panel. The keyboard feature 17 hot keys which give you ease of use with just a click of a button. The wireless device runs smoothly on a 2.4 Ghz frequency and works well within a range of 10 meters. The BSKBW01SB wireless keyboard hits for sale in Japan stores by mid-July at a price of 13,775 Yen.