Solar-Powered Lawn Mower goes for the green patch

Solar-Powered Lawn Mower As fuel prices hike and we are burning petrol without any concern for the environment, here’s an eco-friendly machine which powers up using the natural form of energy which is freely and easily available – the solar energy.

The lawn mower looks like any other normal mower machine with an additional solar panel which will feed energy to the machine. The machine will make you sweat with a bit of exercise as it’s a manual lawn mower. Since it’s the outdoors that it will be used at, the solar powered energy will be the most convenient form of energy that can be used.

Now that the manual lawn mower can accept the solar panels, we can soon expect the automatic or robotic lawn mowers to accept the same eco-friendly technology.

The price and the availability of the machine is yet a mystery however if you plan to convert your current engine with solar panels, the expected cost for the conversion is around $1,500.