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Solar Botanic unveils artificial trees to harness solar and wind energy through Biomimicry

Solar Botanic Energy Harvesting TreesNatural resources are fast depleting. With a drastic increase in the price of fossil fuels, we may soon need alternate sources to go on with even our daily activities. While we scratch our heads thinking of various ways to lower our carbon footprint, Solar Botanic has come up with a unique solution called Energy Harvesting Trees that will offer renewable electricity through solar and wind energy harnessed in artificial trees.

The revolutionary solution is based on Biomimicry which is an emerging science that promises to take care of a few human problems by incorporating and adopting some of nature’s processes. A Solar Botanic artificial tree is structured to harness the energy from the sun and wind replicating the functions of a solar-wind harvester.

The distinct energy harvesting technique is based on three technologies namely Photovoltaics, Thermovoltaics and Piezovoltaic. Equipped with Nano technology and a combination of the three major technologies, Solar Botanic offers a rather green and clean way of generating electricity.

Split in two main areas that are the nanoleaf and the artificial tree or plant structures, the company offers an innovative method of collecting green energy. The Nanoleaf technology converts light, heat and wind power through built-in nano technologies in the nanoleaves. These leaves then convert solar radiation into electricity. In addition the stem and twigs of the artificial trees boast of nano-piezovoltaic material.

The stems, twigs and branches have been designed to generate electricity on being moved, compressed and stretched due to blowing wind. The trees have also been engineered with millions of micro circuits that are activated not only when the sun shines and the winds blow but also when the rain falls.

On an average a Solar Botanic artificial tree spread in an area of around 6 square meters canopy area offers enough electricity to run an entire household. Extensive and adaptable, the trees can find practical implications in suburban streets, parks, business and more. Solar Botanic claims that its artificial trees will have the ability to produce between 2000 and 12,000 kWh of energy per year.

The company plans to cover a wide array of trees like broad leaf trees, evergreen trees, shrubs and also plants that can adorn the roof, wall and fencing.

There is no word on the availability or pricing of the energy harvesting trees.