Google offers opt out option from ad tracking cookies as Chrome extension

Keep My Opt-Outs

With the recent developments in online privacy, safe and secure web surfing shouldn’t be a far-fetched thought. The Federal Trade Commission too hasn’t kept its feelings over the ‘Do Not Track’ mechanism a secret with Mozilla being quite upfront about changes to online advertising tracking. There’s no reason then why Google would want to be left out. The official Google Public Policy blog revealed the availability of the Keep My Opt-Outs extension for the Chrome browser. With this extension in hand, users can permanently choose to opt out of ad tracking cookies.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, users should have a simplified method for opting out of personalized advertising. A look at the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and users will know that advertisers part of it already allow them to stay out of tracking as far as personal advertisements are concerned. Along with efficient opt-out guidelines, numerous online advertisers and trade unions have also come together so that there’s a self-regulatory effort for the enforcement of a standard ads privacy icon.

Among the crowd, Google says that many others like them empower users to not just opt-out of tracking, but also fabricate the customization of ads. The latter process includes mentioning the particular ads that users would be interested in viewing. Looking at addressing the common technical challenges that have been faced with opt-outs and controls, Google’s latest extension takes off from the company’s earlier developments in this space. The innovative attribute is expected to offer users control without really affecting the revenue pumped through the web.

With this new solution, users can anticipate being able to permanently opt out of ad tracking. After installing the Keep My Opt-Outs extension, users might just witness some changes in the way they experience online ads. While the same ads could repeat on certain websites, it could also have them looking at ads that are irrelevant. The whole idea behind the extension is that it doesn’t come in the way of users’ general web browsing journey or even website functionality for that matter.

Google adds that it is flirting with the idea of making the attribute available to a host of other browsers too. What’s more, the extension’s code will be open-source.