Beta Mango Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 ripe for the picking

Windows Phone Developer Tools

Microsoft’s been working away to ensure that their rather tardy entrance into the mobile OS realm doesn’t cause an irrecoverable dent in its popularity. Just this week, the company unleashed the beta release of Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 supporting Mango.

The official Windows Phone blog has listed Live Tile enhancements, IE9 browser control, speedier application switching, Silverlight combined with XNA and so on among the key features. The first mentioned improvement now delivers the ability to employ the back of Tiles and even update these locally.

The new-fangled application platform capabilities arriving with Mango include deep linking to apps from notifications and Live Tiles. It will be able to support additional sensors, compass, gyro and direct camera access. Other introductions cover networking/sockets for communication, local SQL database and more.

What’s more, the launch of Mango will see Windows Marketplace reach a total of 35 nations where app submission and purchase are supported locally.