Google Android Market starts vending eBooks

Android Market eBooks It was bound to happen sooner than later and the day is already upon us all. The Google Android Market appears to have started selling eBooks and speculations about movies and music arriving here have started running wild. Earlier this month Google introduced the Android Market website, allowing people to browse through apps and games right from the PC browser.

The Android Market already seemed to be on its way to becoming as big as the iTunes store considering the number of apps populating it in increasing numbers. The addition of eBooks has been making everyone concerned, including Engadget, rather hopeful about music and movies hitting the online marketplace.

The company hasn’t really come out with an official announcement talking about the introduction of eBooks and the likelihood of music and movies entering this app market as yet. But if Google does decide to welcome music and movies into the Android Market, visitors can probably expect a more wholesome experience like the one provided by Apple’s iTunes ecosystem.