Google Street View brings in scenic Swiss Alps railways experience

Google Street View Swiss Alps

Those Mountain View folks are simply everywhere, the latest news being that Google Street View is taking the train route to bring the Swiss Alps railway experience to users. From floating down the Amazon, to being enthralled by the ancient ruins of Pompeii in Italy, users can now enjoy one of the most picturesque routes through the Swiss Alps, shares the official Google blog.

The Albula-Bernina line in Switzerland is soon to go live on Google Maps. The route that this railway line takes happens to be breathtaking, like we needed to mention, and users can go on a virtual tour right from where they’re seated. In cooperation with Rhaetian Railway, the Google Street View team covers wild mountain scenery from Thusis, Switzerland and heads past a resort town dubbed St. Moritz, only to stop just over the border in Tirano, Italy.

The railway line climbs about 2,000 meters in altitude with the aid of a complex tunnel system, galleries and viaducts. The street view team mounted a three-wheel pedicab with a camera system to a flatbed at the front of a train in order to snap up the sights from 9 different directions. These will be put together in a 360-degree panoramic view with the aim to provide the experience of being right there and enjoying the Albula-Bernina line that is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Apart from being a popular tourist attraction for obvious reasons, the Swiss Alps railway route portrays a unique merger of technology and architecture in a natural environment which Google Street View targets to virtually recreate for users across the globe.