Yahoo draws out update for iPhone Sketch-a-Search app

Yahoo Sketch-a-Search

Too lazy to type out more words than absolutely essential on the iPhone’s virtual keypad? Yahoo!’s Sketch-a-Search lets users do precisely what its name denotes in order to look up restaurants in a particular locality. Indubitably a blessing in the form of an app for food lovers, the Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search app for iPhone has now been augmented with a Dish Filter.

The official Yahoo! Mobile blog states that the new addition brings restaurants serving the sought-after dish to the user’s fingertips. This toothsome update enables Apple device owners to discover eateries serving specific menu items within a sketched location on the concerned map.

Drawing a loop around the preferred dining area or sketching a line representing the commute route is enough to surface results related to that spot. Searches can be performed on the basis of rating, cuisine and atmosphere. The information covers phone numbers, directions, images, ratings and menu pricing which can be shared via e-mail.

Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search is a free app in iTunes that is compatible with iPhone as well as iPod touch and iPad.