Route 66 Maps + Navigation app for Android devices

Navigation App Mobile mapping and navigation solutions not only come to the rescue while planning road trips but also with day-to-day traffic issues. Route 66 now enters the scene with its new Route 66 Maps + Navigation app for Android users. The app utilizes TomTom’s accurate maps and location data.

This app touts to come as a solution to drivers and pedestrians alike. It allows access to crystal-clear maps of more than 100 countries. These maps feature 3D graphics and handy links to weather and Wikipedia. Offering assistance in 57 languages, real time traffic and speed camera services, it includes multitouch capability. Maps can be downloaded without any charges with 30 days free worldwide navigation license.

“We are extremely pleased to provide a critical component in this compelling new Route 66 application,” said Maarten van Gool, Managing Director, TomTom Licensing. “Our maps rate very highly in terms of quality and reliability, and are updated daily via millions of GPS system users worldwide, who help to track and validate changes in real time.”

Th highlight of this app is its ‘Follow Me’ feature that displays the video of the street using the camera of the user’s device. It also includes indicators which flash the direction. The augmented reality navigation shows a live camera image along with spoken directions. Storing complete maps is made simpler over Wi-Fi.

The Route 66 Maps + Navigation app can be procured through Android Market. The company offers lifetime free access to maps while users need to purchase the premium turn-by-turn navigation feature. The app is compatible with Android 2.1 and later.