Facebook Mobile App for feature phones announced

Facebook Mobile App Socially linked people probably find it operose to get satisfied with what’s resting on their plates, considering drops of better connectivity being dished out every other day. To bring an enhanced experience closer to the most popular mobile phones worldwide, Facebook recently announced its latest mobile application for feature phones.

Built in close cooperation with Snaptu, the newly introduced application has been designed to uplift the entire user experience, reveals the official Facebook blog. Featuring a multitude of attractive aspects, the app runs smoothly on more than 2,500 devices from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and other manufactures.

The recently unfurled Facebook Mobile App now provides an enhanced Facebook experience for the site’s most popular features, including an easier-to-navigate homescreen, contact synchronization, and fast scrolling of photos and friend updates. Along with this, Facebook showed interest in making the advancement available to as many people as possible.

Pretty much in alignment with the 0.facebook.com site, the team worked with mobile operators from around the world to let people try this without paying for any data charges.

Mobile operators included in the release are Dialog, Life, Play, StarhHub, STC, Three, Tunisiana, Viva and Vodafone. Others that are launching soon are Mobilicity, Reliance, Telcel, TIM, and Vivacom.