Mozilla Firefox for Android refreshed with new look, tools for developers

Mozilla Firefox For Android The Mozilla blog has revealed that the revamped version of Firefox for Android will not only sport a new and refreshed look but also better tools to empower developers for creating rich mobile web experiences. The browser’s unique tools allow offline access to database for greater flexibility.

Firefox allows Android users to access the web on the go. Its sleek appearance specifically designed for Android devices clearly displays the visited website. The updated browser has been enhanced further with fonts as well as buttons to suit Android tablets and additional functions for tablets will be incorporated in the future versions.

The redesigned welcome page displays browser tools and attributes such as Firefox Sync, add-ons, bookmarks and tabbed browsing on side panels. Added features like faster zooming and text are said to ensure better image reproduction while reducing pixelation. Moreover, the latest version boasts of tools for assisting developers to design web apps and websites.

These tools are inclusive of single touch events API to allow assign gestures to various functions like panning a map or swinging a baseball bat. In addition to this, the IndexedDB API acts as a database storage which can be accessed without an internet connection. Besides an offline mobile web experience, it effectively cuts down on the data usage.

A notification to update the Mozilla Firefox for Android will be sent to existing users on their Android devices while others can download it through the Android Market.