Mozilla Firefox 6 makes a silent run out of the woods

Mozilla Firefor 6

Making its appearance nearly a month after the launch of its predecessor, the research and development team of the new Mozilla Firefox 6 web browser seems to be on a high roll. Updated with new and enhanced tools, the browser is said to be more stable and faster on PCs running Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

The latest features incorporated into the Mozilla Firefox 6 includes the Scratchpad tool that eliminates the need for a one-line console with its ability to quickly input, execute and test JavaScripts, the auto-complete function and customizable console location on the improved Web Console tool, positioned under the new Web Developer menu. With changes to tab groups including it to load only when selected, Panorama users will witness fast start-ups. Plus, all URLs will appear highlighted on the address bar with the identity block.

For building a rich and compelling web experience, developers can access more APIs with the added support. Additionally, to create websites or Web apps, they can utilize the Window.matchMedia API to do so over various platforms. Further on, more responsive and interactive real-time messaging applications and HTML5 games can be conveniently developed with the WebSockets and server-sent even APIs for faster communication between servers and the browser.

The Mozilla Firefox 6 web browser is available for download on the Mozilla website. Users currently on older versions can update through the ‘check for update’ icon under the ‘About Firefox’ menu.