Adobe Flash Player 10.3 available for desktops, Android devices

Adobe Flash Logo From displaying two-dimensional vector animation to procreating rich Internet applications, the feature-rich software dedicated to viewing animations and movies by Adobe has simplified several aspects for users on a large scale. For a better experience, the company has now made its Adobe Flash Player 10.3 available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux desktop platforms alongside for Android-powered devices (including Android 3.1 support).

The new version of Flash Player puts forth enhanced stability, stronger security, user privacy protection and new desktop audio/video capabilities for businesses and developers. With support for Android 3.1, tablets running Honeycomb can benefit from performance improvements unleashed in Flash Player 10.2.

In addition to this, Adobe has updated its Flash Player Incubator, rendering new technologies, APIs and support for video and Customer Experience Management solutions. One of the first Incubator technologies, formerly known as ‘Molehill,’ will now officially be addressed as Stage 3D.

For those unaware, Stage 3D is a new model of 2D and 3D rendering formed by Adobe and supported with a new Stage 3D API. The new set of low-level GPU-accelerated APIs further ascertains advanced 2D and 3D capabilities across desktops, mobile devices and televisions.

Under Adobe Flash Player 10.3, there will be now media measurement and acoustic echo cancellation (desktop only), enhanced privacy protection and security enhancements.

The new Adobe Flash Player 10.3 for desktops can now be downloaded from the company’s official site or from Android Market for Android devices.