Winamp for Android v1.1 released

Winamp For Android v1.1 Winamp for Android seemingly has a huge fan base. The app boasts of about 4 million downloads in six months. Enabling users to take even more advantage of the service, the Winamp blog recently revealed its newer version, Winamp for Android v1.1, that promises even more free music.

The Homescreen shows the free music option and once users’ tap on Spinner, it brings an option to play as well as stream a track from last 20 days. Members can also download free MP3 tracks, be it individually or in the form of a playlist.

Apart from the free Spinner MP3 of the Day tracks, the option of Full CD Listening Party has been employed by the new version of Winamp. This offers access to new albums (only streaming playback) while the list is updated every week with releases from renowned artists. Winamp for Android comes with support for 14 languages with the latest inclusion being Simplified & Traditional Chinese.

Moreover, Winamp and SHOUTcast dev teams strive to deliver enhanced SHOUTcast Radio experience on Android. Touting to provide an improved playback experience, it plans to reach more number of devices running on Android 2.1 OS. Earlier SHOUTcast was only available on Android 2.2 and above.