Facebook Messenger app for Android and iPhone could snip short those phone bills

Facebook Messenger Mobile App

Network carriers are obviously not having an easy time, what with RIM’s BBM, Google and now the Facebook Messenger app for Android and iPhone playing ball in the mobile messaging space. The official company blog describes this new introduction as an extension of Facebook messages.

Ever been torn by the confusion of choosing to send a text message or e-mail to someone on their phone while wondering which one will be checked first? Call them up. Or alternatively, the new-fangled Facebook Messenger app is here to save the day. It dispatches messages through notifications and texts right to a phone so that the intended receiver is more likely to get them at once.

“We think messaging should be easier than that. You should be able to write a message, click “Send” and know that you will reach the person right away. So today, we’re introducing Messenger, a new mobile app that simplifies how messaging works, and gives you a faster way to message friends and small groups,” explains the blog post.

All of the user’s conversations, texts, chats, e-mails and what not are collected into one easily accessible place with Messenger. It also allows people to start group conversations and message a bunch of friends simultaneously. Add to that the ability to share location information with others and even attach photos for people to comment on.

Facebook Messenger app is currently available for iPhone and Android devices through the respective app marketplaces. Those who don’t use a smartphone can still reply to messages sent via Messenger by confirming their mobile number.