Yahoo! Hub messaging app out as beta release

Yahoo! Hub beta 01

Moving beyond plain old emails and messenger apps, the Yahoo! Hub beta applications in here to crowd the mobile messaging space. This new service by Yahoo! enables users to send text messages to another handset, irrespective of what type the last mentioned happens to be.

One thing which should look appealing to all potential users about this app is that it will not cost any messaging fees, says the official Yahoo! blog. The functions will be carried out using a data connection or Wi-Fi connectivity. Consequently, customers can utilize their unlimited data plans to the fullest, without having to go the conventional way of spending over text messages.

Whatever the device or model of the handset in question, a phone number is enough to communicate through this service, as in the case of usual text messages. Another handy feature of this utility is that people can employ the service without the other contact having to download it too. So if a user’s friends don’t have the app installed, that won’t act as a barrier in any way.

Yahoo! Hub beta 02

The other attributes of this application include group messaging, local and international SMS messages, instant notifications, and more. With group conversations, it is easy to converse with everyone included in the thread and all can participate. At present, the local and international SMS function works only for countries covering Canada, Indonesia, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, the U.S. and Vietnam. It is expected to reach more nations soon.

The Yahoo! Hub beta application can now be downloaded from the Android Market. It is compatible with Android v2.1 and above.