Google Blogger gets a fresh look, adds new Overview section

Google Blogger Overview Section

Google Blogger got some major updates over the past few days. And for those who’ve been following up on Google’s antics will have noticed, that Blogger is just one of the many services to get a makeover recently besides of course the timely updates to Google+.

The new Blogger is said to streamline blogging experience and users can now create or edit posts with a simple click on the top of the screen irrespective of whether they’re in a dashboard or settings page. Users also gain a larger canvas with the expansion of the post editor that simplifies previewing and drafting.

A new ‘Overview’ area of the dashboard offers a quick glance of how audiences react to a particular blog. It includes comment activity along with the follower counts and also recent traffic numbers. Helpful links, a Blogger updates feed and other interesting blogs are listed in here too.

Bloggers have the choice of turning on the new user interface or staying in their old one. Yes, the transition will have to be enabled by them. A pop-out announcement on the dashboard in the coming days will throw up the guidelines on how to get started.

Google’s worked on more than just the plain look and feel of the Blogger interface. Besides enhanced graphics, the complete management and editing experience has been refurbished from scratch. The experience will be faster and also more efficient.

The official Google blog says that this is just the first in a lineup of exciting updates users can anticipate since Google Blogger is being revamped and improved from the ground-up.