Cooliris designs new Discover app for iPad

Discover App

Creative innovations on digital slates have become a fad these days. Well, last week Flipboard introduced a new app to offer a social magazine for iPad users. Now, Cooliris has unveiled an application for the Apple device dubbed Discover, revealed the official Cooliris blog. This app will stretch a unique, magazine-style interface, enabling easy information search on Wikipedia.

Integrating the power of two distinct platforms namely the iPad and Wikipedia, the free-to-download app will pave way for a superior information browsing experience. Users can gather data about their area of interest from thousands of articles posted on the online library. The fresh and intuitive user interface is said to simplify the process by facilitating smooth and rapid search.

“Acquiring knowledge does not need to be a boring exercise, and the popularity of Wikipedia for users around the works is undeniable. By turning Wikipedia into a ‘live magazine,’ we offer readers a virtually limitless source of quality content that is delightful to use on a daily basis. Discover delivers on our promise to go beyond the browser with the user content experience as the priority and top of mind,” explained Soujanya Bhumkar, CEO and Co-founder, Cooliris.

As if reading a magazine, users can read through the information by flipping the content on the screen. This will purge the need to click links or scroll through long, text-heavy articles. They can effortlessly navigate through the enormous cluster of information displayed on the website, thus gaining more from their surfing session.

“Cooliris Discover delivers their brilliantly fluid contextual navigation for the brilliantly personal iPad – a perfect marriage”, beamed Randy Komisar, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. “Tablets invite a new way to touch and swipe your way through an ever bewildering mass of video, images and information. Starting with Wikipedia, Cooliris Discover provides people with a powerful way to find and assemble mundane content into beautifully presented personal media.”

Fluid search, glossy photos and the knack to engross deeply in a new concept offered by the smart search would augment users’ web navigation experience. In addition, the app will exhibit beautiful pictures in the daily section of the featured articles from the website and also enable users to access media such as the Photo of the Day.

To enhance the magazine-style interface, developers have executed the app with embedded hypertext linking via iOS press and hold functionality. Readers can highlight any word or term to reach the wiki page offering more insights about the word or to look up for its definition. In case, users wish to check the featured article of the day, they will simply need to shake the iPad. This can also lead them to find a new article.

The availability details of the app have not been revealed yet. However, it can be downloaded for free.