Google Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux climbs from beta to stable version

Google Chrome Windows

The developers at Google claim to be have been chipping away at bugs and getting the Mac as well as Linux versions of Google Chrome on par with the Windows version since December. According to the official Google blog, a new stable version of Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux is available for download.

The launch includes features such as the capability of synchronizing browser preferences across PCs, a reworked bookmark manager and new HTML5 abilities. The browser preferences encompass themes, web content settings, homepage and startup settings, preferred languages as well as page zoom settings.

Geolocation APIs, web sockets, App Cache and file-and-drop are listed out as the HTML5 attributes. The Windows, Mac and Linux Chrome versions are claimed to integrate very noticeable speed enhancements, with three speed tests for browser being unleashed to mark these speed improvements.

Chrome is cited to have advanced by 213% and 305% in Javascript performance by the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks since the first beta. Those who are currently using Chrome for Windows, Mac or Linux will be auto-updated to its newest version soon.