Synology DiskStation Manager 3.0 out of beta, reveals multitasking Web UI and more

DSM 3.0 Multitask UIJust last month, Synology kept NAS server enthusiasts busy with the beta release of its revamped NAS server OS. It’s time users gear up for the official release of the software. Yes the DiskStation Manager 3.0 (DSM 3.0) software has now been released by Synology. The highlight of this tweaked version of the OS seems to be its multitasking UI along with enterprise-level features. An enhanced iPhone and Android experience is also served up for users’ pleasure.

The software is tuned to support concurrent applications on the desktop while they are also seamlessly switched between. The long wait for refreshing the complete page may also be a thing of the past thanks to dynamic loading. The tool permits customization, enabling favorite applications to be easily accessible and personalize the background too.

“DSM 3.0 has raised the bar for a NAS server’s operating system,” commented Derren Lu, CEO of Synology Inc. “For the first time ever, Synology offers users a multi-tasking, dynamic-updating, and customizable UI that is akin to a full desktop experience except DSM 3.0 runs completely within a web browser.”

Bundled with the novel DS photo+ smartphone application, users can upload photos or videos straight from their iPhone or Android devices. The DS audio attribute transmogrifies the phones into a remote control for enjoying music on the USB speakers attached to the DiskStation. The software supports Windows ACL that provides more flexibility in access permissions.

Users can look forward to multiple cross-mapping between iSCSI targets and iSCSI LUNs to offer a virtual storage solution that’s more stretchable courtesy of the comprehensive iSCSI support. The beefed up volume size capability reveals EXT4 file system for volumes of up to 1 exabyte. Surveillance Station 5 has also been packed in for propping up over 600 IP camera models having resolutions of up to 5MP. What’s more, it’s compatible with ONVIF and PSIA industrial standards. WebDAV support and IPv6 integration are also included.

Moreover, Synology also shares the debut of the new Synology Time Backup application. This beta version is capable of automatically backing up and restoring files to an assigned version. As the backup completes in the background, versioning empowers files to be available instantly. Also the hard disk space is kept from filling thanks to the smart cycle function.

Synology DSM 3.0 is available as a free download for owners of the DiskStation x07 series and onward. As for the Synology Time Backup beta application, it can be downloaded by users of a DiskStation x08 series and upward, running on DSM 3.0 or above.