New and improved Google Finance for Android, iPhone

Google Finance

Yesterday, we reported about Google’s latest app enabling Android users to immerse into the underwater world. Now, moving past the tranquility of the ocean, the team intends to bring the gamut of financial news into users’ palms. The Google Mobile Blog talks about the new edition of Google Finance for the iPhone and Android handsets.

The constant change in stock market prices and the tumultuous atmosphere of the financial sector can no handsets as well as iPhones.

Users can easily browse through the ongoing stock rates or key in a company name on their handset by visiting a website. They can also tap the ‘Finance’ tab to directly view the current updates in the monetary world. With real time quotes and market figures, it allows users to keep their portfolio along the trend.

Android users can enjoy the services of Google Finance by downloading it as an application. The Google Finance app is now available at the Android Market.