Kodak designs new PYNK smart print technology

Kodak PYNK Logo While photo albums pile up in the closet, the latest technology offers an option of digital printing and framing of cherished memories with a sense of convenience. Kodak has now developed a new print system which helps users gift perfect presents this holiday season, the PYNK.

The newly unveiled concept is used for premium photo products and blends framing and printing pictures of special moments into one simple task. With a few clicks of the buttons, this technology quickly generates professional-looking framed collages at any PYNK ready Kodak picture kiosk. Users can effortlessly create attractive photos without the hassles of cropping, cutting, laying out and taping their images. This astute software performs all these jobs and renders eye-pleasing pictures.

“Consistent with our strategy to deliver innovative, easy to execute high retailer margin solutions that solve real consumer problems, we’ve thoroughly consumer tested the PYNK smart print system from concept to execution, and consumers love it. We are proud to introduce our newest innovation that gives consumers new opportunities to easily tell their stories while providing retailers strong new profit opportunities,” shared Nicoletta Zongrone, General Manager of retail systems solutions and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company.

The PYNK smart print system was first tried by Kodak with the help of a U.S. drug chain in July. Users can simply use this technology by bringing their favorite digital pictures or prints into the store. First, users will be required to select a PYNK smart print ready product, followed by entering the six-digit PYNK smart print product ID number at the kiosk. Lastly, the selected images are automatically cropped, sized, arranged and printed on one sheet to be fitted into the frame or mat.

The products come with unique product ID which enables the kiosk to recognize the frame or mat that a particular user has purchased earlier. This will additionally benefit users since they needn’t carry the frame or mat back to the store. The exclusive smart print system renders a complete experience of easy and simple printing and framing of photos.

Users can log on to Kodak’s official PYNK website for further details and locations of the kiosks.