Inkling iPad app enhances digital textbook platform

Inkling iPad App

Needless to say, technology triggers the ease of students’ lifestyle by delivering simple and helpful gadgets. Augmenting the academic experience even further, Inkling has introduced its platform for advanced learning content in the form of its latest iPad app.

The company has released engaging interactive textbooks which come with social collaboration, incorporated multimedia and learner feedback, thereby augmenting the e-reader experience. iPad owners can now enjoy multimedia as well as an array of impressive textbooks with this newly unleashed offering.

“Inkling uses multitouch interactivity to create engaging learning experiences. Rather than replicating a book on a screen, Inkling puts 3-D objects, video, quizzes, and even social interaction right at a student’s fingertips inside the textbook. Inkling’s intuitive search features alone make it hard to go back to a traditional textbook,” shared Matt MacInnis, Founder and CEO of Inkling.

Students can seamlessly share their notes and highlights with friends and classmates using Inkling’s sync technology. An improved learning performance is ensured with the capability of commenting and viewing comments alongside notes for a better understanding. Integrated media like movies, 3D objects, and more is also proffered by the latest app.

Users can effortlessly search on the application’s intuitive search engine while its interactive formative assessment helps students to test their knowledge levels. The intelligent app employs an easy-to-use interface which enables users to easily navigate on the device.

Inkling app is available as a free download for the iPad from the App Store. Multiple interactive textbooks are available for purchase within the app which subsume titles in psychology, marketing, biology, and economics from McGraw-Hill while they can be previewed without any extra charge. The starting price is $2.99 per chapter and $69.99 per book.