Yelp for iPad reaches iTunes Store

Yelp iPad App

People who have been screaming ‘help’ pertaining to ferreting out businesses using some landscape list mode or browsing information and reviews have just been answered by Yelp. Yes, the company recently tickled pink users this festive season by rolling out its new Yelp application for iPad.

According to the official Yelp blog, the new app now enables users to rifle through businesses employing their new landscape map/list mode, or flip their device into portrait for a full screen view of the action. Users can also browse information and reviews, and write Yelp reviews and share to Twitter and Facebook.

Bookmarking businesses has turned easier too. Under ‘best of all,’ the app’s marquee feature, a fancy, schmancy new photo search results, gets listed.

Yelp is further planning to upgrade the app in 2011 with features like user profiles, complimenting and more. Meanwhile, the interesting Yelp for iPad can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.