Android Market eases shopping with AT&T Direct Carrier Billing payment method

Android Carrier Billing Barring from wallowing in statistics, almost everyone enjoys purchasing stuff and bulging the gamut irrespective of the paying mode. Concentrating on trimming down the purchase frictions, the Android Market team now announces the new forms of payment which are anticipated to satiate the objective.

Keeping up with this, the company has made its AT&T Direct Carrier Billing available for Android users on the AT&T network. With only a few clicks, AT&T Android consumers will now be able to conveniently charge their Android Market purchases to their monthly accounts. Along with this, by taking advantage of Android Market’s new app discovery features and a carrier-backed frictionless payment method in alliance, users can easily ferret out and snap up applications of their choice.

The recently unleashed method has been rolling out to all AT&T users over the past several days, as part of a general update to the Market service. Users can also track down new features, announced a while back, in the update.

The new benefits include the 15-minute refund window, dynamic wallpaper and widget categories, new 50 megabyte maximum .apk size, and more. More categories have also been added to enhance the entire encounter. Finding applications in popular categories like media & video, music & audio, business, sports (in ‘games’), and more has got simpler too.

In addition to introducing the highly purposive AT&T and T-Mobile US carrier billing method, the team will continue to collaborate with more carriers to offer carrier billing options for their subscribers.