iHome+Radio Internet radio music app rhythms on iPhone, iPod

iHome+Radio Internet related services are gaining popularity on mobile devices. Apple offerings, known to be followed by a string of apps, now talk about the newest iHome+Radio Internet radio music app.

The iHome+Radio utilizes RadioTime’s program guide to offer tens of thousands of local and international Internet and broadcast radio stations on the iPhone and iPod. It also helps elevate iHome’s app-enhanced line of speaker systems.

“iHome+Radio is a great stand-alone app for enjoying a multitude of Internet radio stations from around the world,” said Evan Stein, Vice President of Marketing, iHome. “However, when integrated with one of our app-enabled units like the iA5 and our award-winning iHome+Sleep app, the level of enjoyment and overall experience is enhanced, giving our customers the ability to sleep, wake or casually listen to their favorite radio stations from around the globe, regardless of their location.”

Powered by RadioTime, iHome+Radio allows access to Internet music, talk, sports and news stations while it supports MP3 and AAC formats for streaming. Moreover, several other formats will be included soon. The iHome+Radio syncs with the user’s presets on RadioTime, ensuring a seamless expansion to the mobile device.

This new app is compatible with iHome’s app-enhanced products, transforming the units into an Internet radio. Thus, it offers a full range audio performance and also a newer alarm clock. Just by syncing music from iHome+Radio with iHome+Sleep, users will be made available Bedtime and Wakeup music options. The iHome+Radio is inclusive of controls and settings for iHome’s app-enhanced product line, allowing users of iA5 as well as the upcoming iA100 to gain from the company’s exclusive innovations.

The iHome+Radio can be downloaded from iTunes App Store for $1.99.