Google services for Websites integrated into Parallels Plesk Panel

Google services for Websites

Google had revealed its program that allowed hosting companies to incorporate Google services in their platforms last year. The official Google blog shares the availability of Google services at users hosting control panel. Parallels has accommodated Google Services for Websites into Parallels Plesk Panel.

Hosting providers employing Plesk 9.5 can choose to enable Google Services for Websites for their customers. Using the Webmaster Tools, owners can optimize them to generate more traffic. Users can be engaged with inline Web Elements which includes maps, news, videos and conversations.

Owners are offered Custom Search and Site Search that present users with Google-like search on their websites. This should allow enhanced user retention. Also website owners can monetize their sites with AdSense that proffers relevant advertising. Hosting companies also have the choice to create additional revenues through referral programs.

Hosting companies can hop on the Google Services for Websites page for more dope on this.