Google Reader Play: Read Interesting Stuff Online more Seamlessly

Google Reader Play

Those familiar with Google’s Reader will have surely enjoyed reading some of the most interesting content from the web courtesy the tool. Now the official Google Reader blog shares the release of a new experimental product named Google Reader Play that should give a distinct view of the Reader. Intending to offer something completely different, it makes some great stuff in Reader more accessible to users.

While offering Reader users a novel way to see their feeds, it’s an innovative way to browse interesting stuff on the web. Making content easy to use, it’s now also easy to personalize. All this, while eliminating the need for a set-up. Presenting items one at a time, the novel application reveals each item to be big and full-screen. After reading an item, users simply need to click the next arrow to move to the next one. To fast-forward, they can also choose to click an item on the filmstrip appearing below.

While the obvious clicking of the title or image of any item will take users to the original version, Google ensures users are in for an online visual treat. Yes, images will be automatically enlarged while videos will be auto-played in full-screen. In addition to this, users will also find the interesting application adapting to their tastes. By clicking the ‘like’ button, users can give details on the stuff they enjoy. This will allow the Reader team to employ that information to exhibit more items that users might like.

Users can also choose categories allowing the company to personalize their stream to only display content from the selected categories. The best part is that the tool does not need users to possess a Google account. Unless, of course they wish to star, like, or share items. With the same infrastructure shared by Reader and Reader Play, all actions taken in one will be reflected in the other. To recognize and collect the most interesting items on the web, Reader Play uses technology akin to the Recommended Items feed in Reader.

Presently Reader Play is launched in Google Labs as it is an experiment. Moreover, Google says it’s no replacement for the Reader. Reader users can switch to this fun and easy way to browse interesting items by clicking ‘View in Reader Play’ from the feed settings menu.