Verizon gets busy with full-blown V Cast App Store

Verizon Wireless Android Logos

The Android OS is everywhere! That’s probably why developers seem to be rushing for it like ants to a picnic. Verizon Wireless has obviously been watching the hive of activity buzzing around the platform which is why they’ve decided to get busy on an app store of their own. Android and Me reports that Verizon plans to open a dedicated V Cast App Store as is apparent by the submissions invited for Android apps.

Verizon is said to have opened submissions for apps in the V Cast App Store since September 1. Though there’s no entry fee for developers wishing to offer apps, each creation is expected to go through thorough evaluation and approval before it is released. Ah well, that’s one marked difference from the accommodating Android Market. Everyone’s probably waiting to see if Verizon can beat the Android Market to their game with this new venture.

There seems to be a whole host of reasons as to why developers should root for the new app store apart from the fact that it’s free. These are cited to involve placement of apps in the store within 14 days of submission, carrier billing, upcoming subscription billing, an abbreviated Click-Thru agreement and most importantly, a 7:3 splitting of the revenue share between developer and the carrier.

Google has always seemed to be on cordial terms with Verizon, so it’ll be interesting to see if this venture will have a disagreeable effect on the relationship as more details emerge. We’re most likely to glean more on this subject from the upcoming Verizon Developer Conference.